lørdag 12. september 2009

Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a strange and scary phenomenon.What happens is that during REM sleep your brain wakes up,but your body remains paralysed,because during REM sleep your brain apparently secretes some kind of chemical that numbs your muscles.This is to keep you from physically acting out your dreams.

This has happened to me a few times,and it happened again last night.It allways scares the hell out of me.I was trying to wake up from a dream/nightmare that seems to be recurring.In the dream I'm trapped in some kind of valley.There are roads that lead out of it,but everytime i try to leave,the roads get really steep making me unable to get out.For some weird reason there's allways cowboys,people with severed arms and legs,and people i know or have known down there with me,and something really scary or disturbing allways happens at the end.

So anyway I was trying to wake up from the dream,and when i finally did i realized i could't move.Everytime this has happened to me there's allways a weird droning sound that seems to come from inside my head.There's also a sence that there is something or someone in the room with me,and sometimes the things that i have been dreaming about manifest themselves in the room in front of me,or beside my bed.It can best be explained as being trapped in between the dreamworld and the real world.Apparently it's a pretty common phenomenon amongst people in general,and it happens to most people at least once in their lifetime.

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