tirsdag 8. september 2009


I have a blog now.There's not a whole lot to say just yet.I'm living back home in Volda,and it's kind off miserable,but okay in some ways i guess.I spent last year living in Oslo.The first six months I was there I worked at a daycare center,then i quit and spent five months doing nothing.Except playing guitar,watching movies,walking aimlessly through the streets, and making weird music on my computer that no one will ever hear because my computer crashed.I also spent allot of time thinking,and worrying about what to do with my life(I haven't reached any conclusions yet)On the weekends i usually went to various parties in the appartments of people I didn't know with my roommate.In spite of allot of dark days and moments,it wasn't all bad.We had some legendary parties in our appartment,and i got to meet some nice people,but right now I just want silence,and solitude,and time to think.

By the way,I'm in a band now!.Check It Out!:http://www.myspace.com/solltrandal

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